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Comprehensive training program in corporate finance for a leading investment bank


The Client

A global investment bank with over 25,000 employees

The Problem

The client was scaling up their operations across India and Europe, and was recruiting new employees to meeting the burgeoning demand.

All new employees were put through a rigorous induction program that ensured that they were in-sync with the corporate culture, and reinforced knowledge of financial markets and instruments as was relevant the client’s organization.

The client was also expanding their learning and development team to meet the demands arising from the expansion. However, the client found that the training across various sites lacked consistency and standardization as each trainer taught their own curriculum.

As a result, the performance of new employees varied across locations. Also, sometimes, the client had to fly in experienced trainers for remedial training. All this added to the cost of operations and was affecting productivity of new employees.

The Requirement

The client wanted a standard instructor-led training program that would be delivered across sites with predictable outcomes.

The most pressing need was for a standard training program that would impart deep understanding of various types of derivatives that the client dealt with. The target audience was to be newly-graduated students on their first job. Many of these new employees were from fields of study such as engineering and statistics, and lacked even the basic knowledge of financial instruments.

The Solution

The ibruk Consulting Instructional Designers met with the client team to understand their requirement and define measurable objectives. The team then used the client inputs and help of an ibruk Consulting Subject Matter Expert to create a detailed course outline.

The ibruk Consulting instructional design team also worked to define the structure and content style of the deliverables:

  • Student Guide
  • Instructor Support Material
    • Instructor Guide
    • Presentations
    • Assessments
    • Additional Examples

Over a 3-month period, the ibruk Consulting instructional design team created an exhaustive 5-day instructor-led training program that focused on derivatives. The courseware had easy-to-understand, detailed, and comprehensive real-world examples for every stage. In addition, our instructional design team incorporated knowledge checks within the courseware to ensure that the student had understood the concept.

At the end of every chapter was a comprehensive list of exercises, the solutions of which were available with the instructor.

The Instructor Guide had suggestions on the approach for teaching each section with:

  • Approximate time to be devoted to the topic
  • Suggested discussion topics
  • Exercises to elicit student participation
  • Additional examples
  • Assessments and spot-quizzes
  • References for supplementary reading

The Result

The custom course that our instructional design team developed helped the client:

  • Standardize the training
  • Ensure uniform quality across all locations
  • Lower reliance on the expertise of the trainer
  • Ensure higher productivity and quality when the employees joined operations

The Benefits

  • The hand-holding period for the new employees reduced from 12 weeks to 6 weeks.
  • The productivity of new employees over the first few months increased significantly.
  • The cost of training decreased by about 25%.
  • The client was able to expand the pool of trainers faster.
  • The client was able to conduct more induction programs with smaller batch sizes resulting in a significantly lower trainer-to-participants ratio.

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