Case Study: Instructional Design and Writing Services for US High School History Lessons

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Instructional Design and Writing Services for a leading elearning services providers
Instructional Design and Writing Services

The Client

The client is one of India’s leading e-learning solutions providers.

The Requirement

The client was developing online courses in world history for middle- and high-school students in the US. Each course was split into multiple lessons and the client SMEs provided a lesson outline for each lesson.


  • The client needed an instructional writing team with the skills to research and write the lessons such that middle- and high-school students could learn easily.
  • The instructional writers also needed to create assessments; both for spot checks during the lesson and as comprehensive assessments at the end of the course.
  • The project timeline was very compressed as the school year was just 3 months away.

The Solution

ibruk Consulting set up an team of instructional designers and writers who started by analyzing the lesson plans. The  instructional design team found that the scope and sequence needed to be edited and in some cases, rewritten to ensure:

  • Lessons could be completed in the defined time
  • Redundant and repetitive content was eliminated
  • Lessons followed a logical sequence and timeline

The edited lesson outlines were sent to the SME for approval.

Once, the SMEs approved the revised lesson outlines, the ibruk Consulting instructional writers created the storyboards for the lessons. Particular care was taken to ensure that the language, style, graphics, and media appealed to the students. In addition, the assessments were evaluated to ensure that they tested all the important topics. Our instructional design team validated each lesson before it was sent to the client for review.

The lessons were first reviewed by the client’s instructional design team and then by the SMEs before being signed-off for production.

The Result

  • The client was able to deliver quality courses on schedule.
  • The instructional design of the lessons improved significantly reducing review and production time.
  • The interactivities in the lessons kept the students engaged and helped them understand information easily.
  • The courses improved the level of information retention among students as reflected in better performance in assessments and tests.

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