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The client is a leading housing finance company in India



The client offers various types of deposit products to its customers.  The entire process of setting up a deposit account and managing it subsequently can be viewed as a series of related processes such as capturing customer information, scanning the requisite documents, managing interest payments, renewal of deposits, and repayment of deposits.

The legacy systems handled each activity as a separate process.  As a result, setting up and managing deposit accounts required a lot of manual intervention, and there was duplication of data.

To expedite the entire process and make it more efficient, the client implemented an integrated solution that would:

  • reduce the number of times customer data had to be entered into the system
  • use optical character recognition (OCR) and similar technologies to extract and upload data directly to the deposit management system



The client wanted ibruk Consulting to create guides that would:

  • be used to train employees on the integrated solution
  • serve as a quick reference for the employees



  • There were multiple solution providers involved in developing the individual modules of the integrated solution.
  • The development and testing were in the last stages, and documentation had to be completed before the release.
  • The functionality varied with the product, user role, and function.



The various development teams were co-located at the client’s development center. Given the fact that the development & testing was in its last stages and the number of players involved, ibruk Consulting co-located a senior technical writer with the development team.

The ibruk consulting technical writer worked closely with the client’s project management team and the various development teams to:

  • Define the scope
  • Define the deliverable
  • Create a project plan
  • Deliver as scheduled


Technical Writing Process/Life Cycle



The ibruk Consulting technical writer worked closely with the teams to deliver user manuals covering 15 different processes. Given the compressed deadline, she had to work for extra hours and even some weekends to ensure that the documentation was completed on time.

The user manuals helped the client:

  • create a standardized training program across training sessions and geographical locations
  • reduce dependence on a specific trainer’s expertise as any trainer can deliver standardized training using the manuals
  • ensure that the employees can effectively use the applications increasing productivity and customer satisfaction levels

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