Why Do Resumes Get Rejected?

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8 thoughts on “Why Do Resumes Get Rejected?

  1. Amit and V: When we are part of tech comm industry, it is always about accuracy and preciseness. You need to think why a picture is required while applying for a position. Can you give me one reason please, of why an employer may be interested in your picture?

  2. For one, it can make a resume stand out from the other text-only applications. For another, a professional, smiling photo could add a pleasant personal touch.

  3. The above two reasons are from the applicant’s POV. From an employer’s viewpoint, since you mentioned accuracy and preciseness, how does a photo affect these factors?

  4. With your photo, an employer can atleast 2% judge your personality and can understand your BL. of-course lastly, resume is only important thing, but for the better filteration, your photo grabs attention in terms of personality. And for those, who do not think that photo is imp, in that case please specify, how come your personal face to face interview is important? cant your interview be taken on skype or other apps and get yourself recruited?

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