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The Client

The client creates data visualization solutions like charts, maps, and dashboards for web and mobile applications.

The Requirement

The client’s flagship product is a JavaScript charting library that includes over 100 charts, 1000 maps, and several ready-to-use dashboards that help visualize data for a number of business applications. The product also supports wrappers and plug-ins that let developers integrate the product with a platform of their choice.

The product comes with exhaustive technical references API documentation, and user documentation. The documentation is hosted on the client’s product website, and is aimed at the developers who will integrate the client’s solutions into various business applications.

In 2014, The client approached ibruk Consulting with the following requirements:

  • Update documentation to mirror the current version of the solution
  • Restructure the existing documentation to be user friendly and effective
  • Use Markdown for presentation


The Solution

The engagement started with ibruk Consulting identifying 2 technical writers with experience in programming and JavaScript. This was essential because they had to document code and create samples required for the documentation and blog posts.

The client trained this 2-member technical writing team on the solution and provided an overview of Markdown.

After the training, the ibruk Consulting technical writers:

  • read the existing documentation
  • worked with the solution to get a better understanding
  • learnt Markdown

After familiarising themselves with the solution and documentation, the team defined:

  • the audiences for the solution (developers, customer support team, business users, sales team, etc.)
  • objectives for each type of target audience

The technical writing team then analysed and redesigned the documentation to:

  • create relevant content for specific audience types
  • ensure easy accessibility of information
  • incorporate examples and use cases to illustrate the power of analytics

Our deliverables included:

  • API Guides
  • User Guides
  • Installation Guides
  • Tutorials

The first year of the engagement was dedicated to restructuring the documentation while simultaneously updating it to meet the last major release.

The Continuing Engagement

After the first year, the client engaged the ibruk Consulting’s technical writing services to update the technical documentation.

The ibruk Consulting technical writer’s scope of work has grown significantly since the association began in 2014.

Our technical writer now owns the documentation process and works closely with the development team to create and implement documentation plans. She is also crafts customer communications such as product release announcements.

Our technical writer also creates and edits content for the blog. The focus of the blog posts is to present use cases for various charts, maps, dashboards and their features. This helps business users understand the capabilities of the solution and ways to leverage these capabilities.

The Results

The client has benefitted from a technical writing team that:

  • needs minimal handholding, and is capable of delivering quality technical and business content
  • can be scaled to meet the documentation requirements
  • is well-versed in industry best practices and suggests solutions that improve the quality of content and user experience

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