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The Client

A leading developer of a data analytics platform

The Requirement

The client’s powerful data analytics platform can collate, clean, parse big data and analyze it to reveal insights that help its customers uncover hidden opportunities.

The client’s platform was already in use at various large companies and was gaining popularity. However, the challenge the client faced was the extensive training and hand-holding the customers needed before they were able to leverage the platform’s capabilities.

The training and support was being delivered by the more experienced members of the product development team. As the customer base grew, the client found that the training and support was tying-up resources that were better utilised for product development.

One reason why the customers requested so much support was that the existing documentation was just a listing of commands and their syntax, but very few tutorials. In addition, the documentation had not been updated to keep it current with product development and as a result, the customers could not get things working using the documentation.

The client approached ibruk Consulting for help to revamp its entire technical documentation and training content.

The Solution

ibruk Consulting proposed a 3-prong approach:

  1. Restructure and update the existing technical documentation to reflect the last major release.
  2. Create tutorials that reflect real world use cases to help customers understand how to leverage the platform.
  3. Create case studies to showcase existing deployments.

Two experienced technical writers from ibruk Consulting were assigned to the project and the first thing they did was get trained on the platform and work with it for a few days to get familiar with the features.

Next, they started revamping the existing documentation to:

  • remove outdated or redundant content
  • add missing content
  • restructure the content to create a uniform and user-friendly structure

They ensured that the customers had all the information needed to use a feature or function in its entirety.

To ensure that new customers could build analytics solutions quickly and easily, the technical writers created a comprehensive Getting Started section. This section took the customer on a journey from installation to building their first analytics solution.

The Continuing Engagement

Our technical writing team is currently engaged in:

  • creating video tutorials
  • documenting enhancements
  • creating tutorials

The Results

Among the benefits delivered are:

  • structured, updated technical documentation
  • effective tutorials and training content
  • reduced training and support costs

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