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Many a time, we want sample text in a document. For example, when you are creating styles, you may want some sample text to see the formatting in action. Or when you create templates, you may want a document with multiple pages to define headers and footers.

One way is to type or copy text from another document. Another way is to “generate” the sample text using the in-built rand() function of Microsoft Word.

  1. On a new line, type =rand().Generating Sample Text in Word
  2. Press ENTER.
    Microsoft Word generates three paragraphs of sample text.Generating Sample Text in Word - 2

You can also specify how much text you want to generate by specifying the number of paragraphs and the number of sentences in each paragraph.

The rand() function will now be written as:

=rand(number_of_paragraphs, number_of_sentences_in_each_paragraph) 

  1. On a new line, type =rand(5,2).Generating Sample Text in Word - 3
  2. Press ENTER.
    Microsoft Word generates 5 paragraphs of text, each with 2 sentences.Generating Sample Text in Word - 4


  • To generate The quick brown fox…., use rand.old() instead of rand().
  • To generate Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…, the traditional Latin default text preferred by the printing industry, use lorem() instead of rand().

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